Entrepreneurs and company builders are a unique breed. Middlebury focuses on the needs of both - we are founded by entrepreneurs and remain very active in the start-up space. We understand the needs of emerge growth companies as they seek to execute business plans in a fast changing world. We primarily focus in two specific industries: Medical Device and Financial Services. 


We work with our talented management teams and partners and deliver to them and to their people the significant power of our knowledge, experience, global network of relationships, and access to leadership. Generally, we work with our clients for years over multiple rounds of finance. Our experienace spans a wide variety of structures and types of capital ranging from bridge finance to equity to many flavors of debt. This breadth allows us latitude to work with management to develop financings that meet the companies needs as well as offer a solid investment for their shareholders. 


Our fund professionals capitalize on decades of experience as both principles and agents. We work to launch and capitalize hedge funds targeting family offices and institutions globally. We have raised hundreds of millions of dollars of capital work across a spectrum of strategies. We have also wokred with managers in the development of various types of capital including: debt facilities, management company equity, and others.


Ultimately, we are driven by our values and our principles: mutual respect, honesty and trust, and drive from our partnerships with the companies in which we invest and the partners with whom we invest. Change continues to accelerate, but values and principles endure. Applying experience, broad resources, and a deep network of seasonal leadership, the Middlebury team is passionate about working with our clients. 


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